Yoga 4 Schools...

Yoga in schools and why?

Mental Health Awareness!

Schools are becoming more aware of the affects mental health has on teenagers and it is my mission to help teens to complete high school with a much more positive mindset and tools and techniques to control the symptoms of mental health, stress and all forms of bullying. 

It is important more so than ever that not only adults but youth are helping themselves to become self-aware and content. 

I teach in high schools to show how yoga, mindfulness, relaxation and forms of meditation can help. Making you move your body, seek your breath and become more aware of whats going on inside your body to appreciate yourself on the outside a whole lot more. 


It is my mission to show others how I once was an insecure, critical and stressed youth. How yoga changed my mindset, strengthened my body and allowed me to understand my feelings and emotions so that I can remain in control of stress, anxiety and signs of depression. To fight away the critical monkey mind, helping to overcome what others say and believe more in yourself.   


Want to know more, wish to book?

I am available weekdays to organise a meeting to discuss further. I am happy to also host assemblies to discuss the benefits of yoga on the above issues. 


How much does this cost? 


Classes are usually 45-60 minutes. 

I charge £45 to £50 per hour for classes of up to 30 pupils. This can be mat based or chair based. 

I am available for entire school days to teach more than one group.

For after school or assemblies please contact for further info and costing