from the beginning...

My interest in Yoga began when I joined the local Gym in Tamworth what feels like many moons ago but was in fact around 10 years.

I was inspired and to be frank in awe of my Body Balance Teacher! I wanted to know more, learn more and practice more. Having felt a connection with Yoga I began local Hatha Classes which also took me by surprise. By that I relate to my scepticism, my lack of interest in anything but the physical.

It wasn’t long before I was off to University dipping in and out of Yoga during Uni breaks/holidays. I graduated from Buxton University in 2012 with a 2:1 in Events Management, a happy relationship and future plans. 

​From graduation soon after came heartbreak, Yep we have all been there. At the time I was devastated, 'destroyed' and disconnected.

I was in a great job at a Barristers Chambers, under a temp administrative role, setting myself up for a big move abroad, which was now a memory! The Chambers Director was on the lookout for a PA, it wasn't long before I was asked, wow what an opportunity, I loved my job, the people I worked with and the daily commute to Birmingham city centre - why not!


​Life continued and I then became even more enthusiastic about Yoga, taking part in more classes at my local gym. I can honestly admit that life changed with finding this practice, my body physically began to change, and I was more mindful and began to consider a healthier diet. Then came the, what am I missing phase?

​I was better in myself, happy and content to be without a partner, past the upset, anger and frustration. But something was missing!

​Through curiosity my Body Balance Teacher recommended I studied Yoga, she insisted I would make a good teacher. I began a home study with the BSY - Specialist Yoga Teacher something I did not rush and actually did not pass until I became a teacher several years later. I was in close communication with my Yoga Teacher at the local gym and then another who now owns her very own studio. I was inspired, I felt this was something I could learn more about.​

It wasn’t long before I felt a desire to learn deeper, physically and somewhere authentic to Yoga. Then came my accepted sabbatical from work - 8 weeks...

​I was boarding a plane to Thailand in 2014 to embark on a life-changing TTC (teacher training) with the forever close to my heart Emma Warmington founder of Jivani Yoga. 6 weeks of deep transition, emotional breakthrough, body transformation and all things Yoga. I graduated as a 300hr student/teacher - what now?

​Moments since my return to the UK and to my job, my boss anticipated it happening. My notice was handed in, I leaped! 2 months countdown to January 2015, my first day of unemployment.

I had left Thailand with an uncertainty to teach, a confidence I needed to search for within. I continued to practice and noticed what I was missing. On February 2nd 2015 my self-employment began, classes were arranged and bookings had been taken...

​I dove deep - before I knew it I had over 16 classes per week and that was without working weekends. Classes were popular and I had no idea how to manage finances, books and life. I thoroughly enjoyed every second. By January 2017 I knew I had to slow things down, take control of how many times I said yes!

​I have never regretted a moment of my self-employment, the decisions I have made along the way. As time has grown with me I have evolved with confidence in self and my ability as a teacher. As well as this I have learnt to put myself first, without the teacher there cannot be a student. 

​Since my training in Thailand transformation was significant and has continued to be a primary focus of self, teacher & practitioner. 

​And now here I am almost 5 years on, married, a Mother, and happier than ever. My business is forever growing and evolving in ways to suit my own lifestyle. I am thankful and full of love to you all.

​Will you continue to follow this journey, I am forever grateful to your support. Making my dreams come true!