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Megan Keogh


Welcome to Yoga Evolution, I am Megan founder, practitioner and grateful Yogi. This journey of mine began back in February 2015 when I took the leap of faith in becoming a self-employed teacher of Yoga. A fond, proud memory and unbelievable adventure. 

As someone who suffers with Anxiety and finding Yoga a great getaway from my anxious mind, It was then around 8 years ago my true journey began. I found a difference and wanted to make a difference. To inspire, motivate and enable people to believe in themselves, to love themselves and to move in ways that can bring courage, happiness and contentment to life itself.

I teach regular weekly classes in Tamworth, Chair Yoga in day centres for the elderly, I am available for teaching yoga & mindfulness in schools and for private tuition. 

So that's a little about me and where my business is today. How about you? 

Get in touch or click below for my continued story. Don't forget to visit my other pages for further information!



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I am privileged to work with two fantastic ladies - photographers I will continue to work closely with in all areas of my life...

Life Through a Lens

Becky Tranter is someone I have known throughout the journey of my self-employment, she has witnessed the fit and active Megan to the more peaceful yogi and now momma to be. Forever grateful for her beauty, authenticity and quirkiness as we venture to bare foot into woods and fields to capture greatness as I yoga and smile! 

Bebe Photography

Gemma Baker a recent connection of mine as a momma to be, someone I am sure to work alongside with more in the future. A professional yet friendly lady who has made me feel like a friend from our first conversation. Gemma has witnessed my uniqueness to be photographed and we have so ideally blended she captures what I believe to be perfection and I simply cannot wait to work with her more!